"There has to be a better way!"

That's what veteran Texas athletic trainer Robbie McFarlin muttered (not always quietly) countless times as he struggled with his teams' water coolers and hydration units. Even “the best” models constantly gave him – and his players – fits. Broken handles, leaky lids and hinges, and insulation that simply wouldn't stand up to the Texas heat meant Robbie's attention was too often called to his incapacitated “Cow” at the expense of his athletes. 

After hearing his fellow athletic trainers express these same frustrations for more than 10 years, Robbie set out to change some things. Frio Hydration was born. 

Coming from the farming, ranching, and oil-field roughneck culture of South Texas, Robbie relied upon his blue collar work ethic and his "find-a-way" attitude to design his “better way” for making sure athletes have access to hydration. After a year of research and development, he came up with a dream design for a cooler that would hold up to the wear and tear of even the most active sports program. His ideal model was reliable, durable and capable of holding ice for hours, even in the Texas summer heat.

With all the parts in place, Frio Hydration was ready to launch. 

In March of 2015 Frio began proudly offering its revolutionary new line of equipment that is poised to change the way athletic programs everywhere think about hydration. With Frio's coolers and carts, coaches and athletic trainers are now free to focus on their teams rather than on their players' access to water – something that no one should have to fret over.

So, if your sports program is looking for a hassle free hydration system -- to keep the main focus on X's, O's and staying healthy --  rest assured, Frio Hydration has the solution:  coolers and hydration units designed with the coach and athletic trainer in mind. Please explore our site to see all the long-lasting, reliable equipment we offer to help make life easier, and less frustrating, for those who do so much for others.

Thanks for choosing Frio Hydration! Let us know how we can help your teams have nothing but great seasons ahead!


The Innovator