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New Hands-Free System Keeps Hydration Safe for Athletes

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Veteran athletic trainer's ground-breaking, foot-operated design reduces risk of

spreading COVID 19 at practices, games, and other group events

“Our passion behind this product lies in our desire to see sports make a return amid the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mcfarlin, the owner of Frio-Hydration.

SPRING, TEXAS – COVID-19 has become, literally, a game changer for high school and collegiate sports. A practice changer too.

The Creation of Hands-Free Hydration

Coaches and school administrators across the US are scrambling for safe ways to keep their athletic programs in action during a pandemic, and they are quickly realizing their team hydration methods need significant overhaul.

Gone are the days of athletic trainers handing bottles to players. Self-serve systems that require athletes to press a button on a cooler are out of the question in this “touchless” era, too. Enter the solution from Texas-based Frio-Hydration, LLC: a patent-pending drinking station that features a foot activated valve. Designed by veteran athletic trainer Robert Mcfarlin, the Hands Free Drinking Station connects easily to most portable drinking systems already in use and allows athletes to access water (or any liquid) at the tap of a foot. Teams can attach multiple stations to a single drinking system with hoses that allow for six foot social distancing between stations.

Unlike traditional hydration systems, the Hands Free Hydration Station eliminates the need for hand contact of any kind and keeps athletes a safe distance apart as they drink. These features reduce the risk of transfer of COVID-19, or any infectious disease. Making them a must for any athletic program aiming to keep their games and practices safe these days.

As with all products and services Frio-Hydration offers, the Hands Free Hydration Station’s design is based on Mcfarlin’s experience and passion as an athletic trainer in Texas schools, and its main purpose is simple, really: make hydration both safe and easy for teams (and other groups) everywhere.

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